Club Principles



CNYJeep has no rulers. No one person makes decisions for the club, rather the club has agreed on the guidelines below and subsequent items that the club may choose to vote on at future meetings. We believe that neither a governing body, nor a central authority is necessary as we have formed this club in our own interests and for the furtherance of those interests. A group of representatives ("The Committee") operates in an informal manner with the role of furthering the goals and objectives of the membership as a whole. Our "leaders" during trail runs, meetings, outings and gatherings are formed through their own personal qualities and the demands of the situation--this is not a reflection of the "power" of the person, but rather their influence based upon their own aptitudes and qualities. Several roles that require a significant contribution of time, money and materials have been formed and filled, with these tenets in mind, such as our website administration, the graphical design of the club, and the keeping of club meeting notes.

Please note that The Administration Team of the forums is in no way in charge of the CNY Jeep Club--the team members simply administer the forums.


Decisions that will affect the club will be voted on by a majority vote at a regular monthly meeting. Any member can present a topic to be considered for a vote. The decision whether or not to vote on a topic will be made by the majority of members in attendance by a simple raise-of-the-hand vote. Once a topic has been chosen to be worthy of a vote, it will first be posted on the website in a timely manner, at least one week prior to the actual vote, giving members the opportunity to review and discuss the subject matter and also have time to adjust their schedules should they wish to attend the meeting and vote. Votes will be anonymous by means of paper ballot, unless deemed unnecessary by all members present for the vote.


There are no dues.


Attendance is optional and members will not be required to attend meetings. However, members must be present to vote on items brought up at meetings as votes via proxy will not be accepted.

Club Logo

This pertains to the CNYJEEP logo as well as words or phrasing consisting of "CNYJEEP" and "CNYJEEP.ORG": the logo and names belong to the club as a whole, but at any given time only one member is authorized and responsible for creating, producing, or otherwise providing members with decals, t-shirts, hats, etc. Currently the member Lendog15, of Assante Design, is providing this service to the club. Members are not to create, produce, display, sell, give away, or cause to be given away, any items containing a reproduction of the club name or logo

Trail Rules

There will be no alcohol or drug use on any club run. Members who intentionally engage in reckless or dangerous operation of their vehicles and/or accessories that put other members at physical risk will be removed from that run. If behavior is repeated at subsequent runs, said member will again be removed from that run and further actions to keep members safe will be taken (i.e. the member will not be allowed on future club runs).

Organization of runs, events, etc.

Any member can organize or start a trail run or event, with the exception of any event that would portray the club in a negative light, or bring dishonor to the club and/or the members of the club. CNYJEEP is a family oriented club. No member shall organize a club run where trespass (such as on conspicuously posted property) will occur.


Any amendments or alterations to the above listed rules will require a majority vote by the membership in accordance with voting rules.